zaterdag 17 september 2011

My brother in law

Hello everyone,

Here I am again. First I will write an explanation for the quilt I'll let you see.
My brother in law, Marcel, is a great fan of the local football in Groningen. He wished he had a quilt in the colors of his club, green and white. My sister didn't really like that colors for her living. But...his wish was great and he is special for me and my family. So I decieded to made some green and white for him. Of course I told my sister Stella that I started to make a quilt in his favourite colors with the logo of his club. She likes what I was making, so the proces of paper-piecing could go on.
At the end of august Stella and Marcel came to us for the weekend. I quilted as quick as possible and I made it. The quilt was ready, and wrapped in a green paper for him. His face was priceless when he had unpacked the present.

Here will follow some pictures.
This detail is the logo of the club, FC Groningen.

And here the whole quilt.

I can tell you that he's very fond oF this blanket!
You will understand that I do well.

Thank you for reading my blog. If you want you can leave a message, I would appreciate.

Greetings, Jacqueline

Continuation of Leiden


Finally I have the pictures on the laptop, so I can show you something from the quilts I have seen.

This 1st foto is a detail from a quilt in blue colors.

 This is a weather forecast for the future, this has impressed me.

There was much more that impressed me.
I should say watch and judge for yourself.

This is the same corner as the next foto.

Same corner, other side.
Front and back made no difference with quilting.

This was a spatial (3D) quilt

First a detail from the white on white quilt.

And finaly the whole quilt. This is one of a several which did my mouth fell open.

Many foto's, less talk, but I think you must see a part of what I have seen in Leiden.

Greetings,  Jacqueline

woensdag 14 september 2011

Leiden 9 september 2011


Finally I can tell you about de exposition in Leiden. I decided to go there friday morning when I was standing up. After een quick breakfast I jumped in my little blue car en went to Leiden. After paking and a short walk, along very nice shops I came near the "Pieterskerk". Thats the place I want to be that moment.
It was over welming to be there and to see what everybody has made. There were beautifull handmade quilts, machine and hand quilted quilts, art quilts and so much more. It was just lovely to be there and see the quilts. This time I was alone, and it was good to be there. When you´re alone you can walk as quick or slow as you like. Of course with some one it´s nicer and more sociable. Unfortunately it´s not always possible to go together. Maybe next year I can go with one of my sisters?!
There were also different quilt shops with there fabrics and lot of supplies. I bought some fabrics, a pattern and a ruler with inches that was still missing in my range. And.... there was a quilt ring on a standard, so you can use both hands when you are quilting. I decieded to buy this beauty.When I was walking to my car I felt so happy and rich. It was really worth to go to Leiden and next year I will be back on the exposition of 2012 from "het Quiltersgilde"

Here my sewing (quilt) angel from Jim Shore!

Thank you for reading the blog.
Greetings and until next time,

vrijdag 9 september 2011

More spring 2011

In april of this year there was a planning for a sissy-day. I am so rich that I have 5 sisters and 2 brothers. Unfortunately it could not taken place, because of illness and other sorrow. 
So I decided to make my first quilt of a jelly roll.
The jelly roll and pattern were both still waiting in my cupboard to became a colour-full patchwork-top.
The jelly-roll is from fabric Freedom and was called red-orange.

First of course some details.
The beginning is the patcwork top, here a close-up.

After finishing the top the real work could start...quilting. I choose for 3 different patterns which I really like to quilt, a bird, a heart and a star. This pattern is the silhouet from glas hangers from Hadeland (Norway). When I was a child I got this from my parents and besides the marvelous look of this glas hangers I also honored the form in this quilt- pattern.

Because of the warm colours in this patchwork I gave this work the name "zomer",
this is the dutch word for summer.

By the house where we live there is a public green with a table.
I though that what Mr. Fasset could do, must also be possible for me.
That was a perfect place with sun to fotography my quilt.
Look here for the result!

Thank you for visiting my blog,


donderdag 8 september 2011

Spring 2011

How nice you are here and looking and reading on my blog.
The visit to the exposition in Leiden is in the planning. I hope that I can visit it on friday or saturday.
I will let you know when I were there.

Last spring I made also some quilts without lessons, just home with the knowledge I had about patchwork and quilting.
The first you can look at is a quilt made for our grandson, Levi he is born on may 15th. An adorable boy who made our live also richer than before. And I can tell you that we were rich and blessed with 2 healthy son's. But...Levi is adorable and brings new feelings of love in our life. The feeling of became a grandma, is something I cann't catch in words. It's over welming ( I hope the writeing is clearly for you).

First there is a detail of the back, so you can see the hearts  I quilted and all the corners have a bird.

Here a detail of the patchwork that was made for the top.

And of course the whole quilt, that was made with lots of love for a child that was expected when I made this.

Now we know his name is Levi and he sleeps well under the quilt.

thank you for stopping by and hope to see you soon!


woensdag 7 september 2011

Sampler Quilt

Hello everybody,

Finally I am back . On this moment I have vacation with my husband. It is lovely to have time to do the things you like to do or not to do (the last means doing nothing), and also doing the simple things of life together. We both enjoy it that there is a moment now we don't have to work. Next week normal life start again, but at this moment I don't want to think about it. I enjoy every moment.
This weekend there is een exposition of quilts in Leiden, the theme is weather. You certainly understand that I want to go there. It's almost 1 hour from my home and it's very nice to visit. When I have news over this exposition I will let you know.

With the folowing pictures you can see what my result is of a cursus to make a sampler quilt. I did this last spring en enjoyed it very much. I had made some panels that I had quilted and also some paper piecing.
In this cursus I learned to use templates, and that has made that I saw a whole new world of possibilities for patchwork and quilting. I like patchwork and quilting even more than I did before.

Here are 2 of the blocks from the sampler I made, in totally there were 9 blocks.

This is before sewing.

After several weeks, months and a lot of cutting and sewing there was a result of 9 blocks that made me very happy, I can tell you that it became more than I expected to made.
On the next picture you can see the first result of my blocks.

The followong pictures will show you some details of quilting after finishing the top.

And finally this is the result!!!

Thank you for visiting my blog.